How do you block ads by google on youtube?

When i watch youtube videos, theres like 1-3 ads by google that appear in the video. Sometimes you can just click the x on the ad, but for videos that are like 20mins and have a big screen, theres ads in the beginning, middle and end of the video.

But for some reason, when i get to the middle of the video, the ad just stops everything. i cant finish the video because the ad won't start. and i've waited for like an hour and the vid still wont continue until the ad begins. So how do i get rid of the ads on youtube? Or at least have the vid continue playing til the end?

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    You can't get rid of them, simple. Unless you block google on your firewall which isn't a good idea, since they are involved in ALOT of the internet. Try contacting YouTube.

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    5 years ago

    Use firefox, and adblock usually blocks all before ads on youtube without effecting it.

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