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Vestigial traits and neutral changes in DNA sequence are good examples of _?

A. Acclimation

B. Nonadaptive traits

C. Convergent traits

D. adaptation

E.developmental homology

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    B. nonadaptive traits

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    There are different types of changes. The type of change most likely to have no effect is a base pair substitution. These kinds of changes may range from severe to nonexistence effects. In fact because of the redundancy of the genetic code, they may not result in any change in the amino sequence at all. However if the change is at some critical part of the amino sequence, it could cause the protein to be nonfunctional or possibly not even made. BUT the chances are still that this type of change or mutation would have the greatest chance of NOT having an effect on the protein. Another kind of mutation called an addition or a deletion would be the most likely to cause a problem. Since bases are read in 3's (codons), a base pair addition or deletion of 1,2 or some number not a multiple of 3, would result in the biggest chance for a change in the amino sequence. Things not a multiple of 3 would be a frameshift and would cause every amino downstream to be wrong... If the frameshift occurred at the beginning of the sequence more of the protein would be wrong, but if is occurred at the end... only a small part of the protein would be wrong and it might wind up being functional

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