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Science help about respiration and gas. 10points first best answer?

kneading mixes is an important gas needed for aerobic respiration into the dough.suggest what the gas is needed?

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  • Jason
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    Aerobic respiration = uses oxygen.

    Kneading incorporates OXYGEN into the dough.

    Oxygen is metabolized by the yeast with (CH2O)n to form carbon dioxide and water. One molecule of glucose (CH2O)6 and six molecules of oxygen 6(O2) are metabolized into six molecules of carbon dioxide and six molecules of water.

    C6-H12-O6 + 6(O2) --> 6(C02) + 6(H2O)

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  • ?
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    Wot Jason said plus remember air in incorporated into the dough so nitrogen is there too - remember also all gases expand when heated [and reactions go faster].

  • ZuvY
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