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Should I Ask Her or Let it Be?

I mean he and I are no longer a couple anymore; friends neither though. But a couple weeks ago I heard through a friend that my sister and ex were seeing each other while I was off in college.

No. We don't trip over dudes, we're sisters, he'll be gone but we still share a bond but for some kinda of reason it's been bothering me. I think because she has never mention it so it's got me thinking she's hiding it or trying to keep it from me.

I even accuse our friend of starting stuff. Felt she was getting jealous but she was drunk and drunkenness usually let out the truth.

Should I go ahead and ask my sister or let it be untold?

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    just ask your sister. just because it didn't work out for you two doesn't mean it will for them. and hey maybe they just keeping each other company and have remained friends even though you haven' it bothering you because you might be jealous and having some regrets, or are feeling protective towards your sister?

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    Just ask your sister, it's easier that way.

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