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looking to start clothing company i need to know what clothing teen girls like to see guys wear and why?

please give as much information as possible also only answer if you are female and within the ages of 13-25 please answer my other questions as well i have questions that need to be answered by men as well

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    i love to see guys in fitted shirts and jeans i think its really sexy not tight but fitted and it looks way better than baggy clothes

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    Being sixteen, in my opinion, I think vnecks, polos and skinny jeans are good to see on guys. Mostly, those are the guys you see with the girlfriend. My boyfriend wears skinny jeans polos too. Most of the guys that are juniors at my school..that's what they're wearing. Hope I helped! (:

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    teen girls liike me lik to wear Skinny Jeans in many different colors. LIke theres all colors. Hoodies Leather jackets Sneakers nice tshirts AERO n etc

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    good luck.....

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