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Can I press a restraining order charge on my gf?

Okay, so my ex gf and I broke up about 8 months ago. We talked for a little and then stopped. We talked maybe 1-2 times a month and such. So anyway, things got worse, she was home from summer break and would call me when she heard certain calls and message me all the time to get personal details about my new gf and me. So we talked and such, and then I found her walking past my house, she never walks down my street, ever. So things got heated and she wanted me to come down and see her, I stated sure, then she didn't want me to come down. This went on for about two weeks. I then messaged/called her for a few days, but never received any reply. I was hoping to find out what was going on. So her mom showed up in front of my house and stated I needed to leave her daughter alone. I stated her daughter contacted me and then she left. I at the moment, do not wish to have to deal with this any longer. I am thinking of taking a restraining order out on my ex and her family. Do I have enough to do so. I have a few dates for messages sent and a few phone calls I received. What do you all think?

I just want the restraining order to make it so she can no contact me in anyway and or come within xxx amount of space. As well as her family which includes her mother, father, sister.


Nah im 20, my ex is 19, She is in college and comes home to live with her parents. At the moment I am tired, thus my typing and spelling is a little off. But could I press a pfa or harassment charge?

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    A restraining order is not a "charge." It does not sound like you need or qualify for a restraining order. You are obviously not in danger, you just want to make a point.

    You can go talk to the prosecutor if you want, but I think you will just end up embarrassing yourself.

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    it will be very puzzling to get a restraining order without pressing rates because of the fact as a manner to challenge the restraining order, there could desire to be some very stable information which you're in risk. it is likewise no longer likely that the restraining order could enable the two considered one of you to artwork interior the same workplace, so in spite of no count in case you press rates, he will in all probability lose his interest. And, if he has behaved in a manner that's necessitating a restraining order, then he could lose his interest.

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    Not really enough for restraining order, there is nothing threatening about this. I would suggest just ignoring her. If she continues to call and/or harass I would call the cops and get it on a police report of what is going on. If she or her family continues, then you may get a restraining order based on the prior police report.

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    Restraining orders are usually granted only when your personal safety is threatened. That doesn't seem to be the case here.

    If you get a restraining order and she sues you, and can prove that you contacted her, she might claim defamation of character. She doesn't want to go through life having to explain the restraining order on her record.

    I would just let this one go. If she calls, don't answer the phone (I'm sure you have caller ID) and don't reply to her text mesages.

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    No. There is nothing that would warrant a restraining order. If she comes around, simply ask her to leave. If she calls, do not answer, or if she blocks her number and you do answer, hang up. She is not threatening you.

    If she continues to be a nuisance, sue her for harassment.

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    Because you contacted her, you cannot get a restraining order. If you ignore her completely for a month or so and she still is harrassing you, then contact an attorney.

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    You need to talk with a lawyer to see if you have enough evidence to prove that an order is needed.

    At the moment it seems just a nuisance but if you have reason (based on previous experience) that she or her family could be violent or dangerous then you might have a case.

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    sounds to me ur a minor. if not dont date ppl living with their parents there prbly immature

    if ur a minor you can not take a legal action unless ur emancipated its your parents who you need to ask and if they agree they need to hire a lawyer.

    how bout next time she calls you say iv had a lot of problems and i dont want to talk to you anymore and im not going to answer any more of your calls or messages. then follow through

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