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Does PR department and Citizenship department link one another?

I'm a PR in Singapore would like to buy a house on my own. So, I would like to go for the citizenship. I'm married in Malaysia. I ever summitted my husband's details to PR department (ICA - singapore). I was single when I got my PR here, then I update my status to PR department. My question is if I declare as single in the citizenship form, do they cross check with PR department? What will happen if they find out? Is there any other way to buy a house here in singapore. Right now my hubby doesn't want to cooperate with me to buy a house here. Can I buy just on my name?

Please advice me.... I really need a house on my own.

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    they are both in the same department,so your applications for PR and citizenship use the same file numbers so yes they would find out you lied

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    YES they are usually both in the same federal department

    USCIS - US citizenship & immigration servce

    CIC - Citizenship and immigrations canada

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