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implantation? period? something else?

I had unprotected sex and about 3 or 4 hours later i started bleeding. It wasn't time for my period though. It wasn't that heavy, and the blood was brown on the 2nd day. It lasted about 4 days. What is this? thank you!

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    it could be blood from rough sex....

    go to planneD parenthood/ womans clinic or your doctors office and ask for a quantitative preg blood test. This test checks for any pregnancy hormone in your body and also gives you the percentage, which tells you how far off pregnant u are(if u are preg). Results take about 3-5 days cause blood work is sent to a lab.This is the only 100% acurate and guarantee way of finding out if you are pregnant.

    You could also take a qualitative preg blood test. This checks for the preg hormone and just gives a yes or no answer and u get the result in 5 min

    You could also get an ultrasound done...even if its to early to see or hear the fetus, the doc will be able to spot a gestational sac.

    I hope u know that not all women have enough HCG in their urine for a urine preg test to work...So it might come out negative, when in fact you really are pregnant.

    Instead of wasting a whole bunch of money on urine tests...just get a quantitative or ultrasound done...about 50 bucks....but its 100% guaranteed and accurate :)

    Good luck!

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    have you ever had a era considering? It does sound like implantation bleeding...did it have any stunning crimson blood in it? Wait somewhat longer to take yet another attempt, or bypass to the ordinary practitioner. no one yet your ordinary practitioner would recognize for specific what it grew to become into. a number of issues could reason bizarre era. have you ever in basic terms started or stopped taking start administration? Are you stressing? have you ever had intercourse? in case you're in contact, communicate inclusive of your ordinary practitioner. i'm specific each little thing's ok nonetheless. solid success =)

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