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starting high school in a week, any advice?

I'm starting high school next week! i need advice on what to bring on the first day, what to excpect on the second day (when the upperclassman start) and anythingg elseeeeee u have advice for!!

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    im starting high school next weeeek &im just excited as you are. i already got alot of advice from older friends and this is what they told me:

    -Join as many clubs and sports as you can to make friends.

    -Not to be shy because everyone there is in the same position as you are, they all feel the same way as you so no need to be scared.

    -Don't have a rolling bookbag and embarasss yourself.

    -Just because you know someone in the upper grade dont act like your the **** because your not . lol

    -and just have fun &dont get in the upperclassmen's way . they can be mean . especially the sophomores!

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    -bring paper and pen if you want, i never bring anything. i just write stuff on my schedule, its easier to keep up with.

    -upperclassmen wont like you for awhile, and you wont like freshmen when you get to be a soph, jr, or sr either:)

    -dont tell sophmores they were a freshman last year so they cant say anything, because they've been there and done that, and you havent. a year makes a whole lot of difference.

    -nobody likes a fish who trys to be best friends with seniors.

    -know that you've entered drama hell, and will remain there for 4 years:)

    good luck, highschool sucks:)

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    well im going into 11th grade and you dont bring anything the first day except paper and a pencil and when the upperclassmen come there is at least for my school you could get egged just depends we have a freshman friday where every upper classman brings eggs and eggs the freshmen to welcome them

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