i bite my lips.. now i have blisters?

now i have gotten really bad blisters on the bottom lip on the left side, now i have one starting on the right bottom side, and also one small one coming on on the top in the middle of my lip, i know this is a bad habbit, and it is probably broken now!!!! because these things hurt, i have never had this happen before where i got blisters from biting my lips, can anyone tell me what can i do to get rid of them, they started last week, and my bottom lip is cracking in the middle and really hurts, i have tried, chapstick, i have tried neosporen.. nothing seems to be working, now they are just so dry and painful.

thanks. i dont keep alot of guru stuff in my house, just some of the basics.



they are also very swollen

Update 2:

i dont have vaseline.. lol anything else?

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    1 decade ago
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    Vaseline and you'll be fine. your lips will be chappy tomorrow morning so cary a chap stick with you. stop bitting your lips.

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