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im thinking about painting my car. i need some guidlines and tips to help me out?

ive never painted a car before. i might just primer it and then take it to a shop. but how should i begin the process?

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    Before even thinking about priming, it takes at least a good week of prep work pending on the condition of you ride. You first have to take your current clear coat off by sanding with a orbital sander or sanding blocks. If your arms dont feel like jello by the end of the day, you didnt do your job right. After your done sanding, you check your dings and dents that need to be pulled or filled with Mud or Bondo. If you end up pulling a dent you have to make sure it is flush with the rest of the car and the curvature is right on the money. If you cant get it just right, then you fill it in with mud and sand it down until it is right. The same thing goes for dings. You fill in with mud, then you sand it down smooth according to the contour of the car. Then you go to your door jams and must sand those too. Once you think your done, you cover wheels, tail lights, head lights, windows...etc.,so that you wont prime them. Then you would be ready for priming

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    With all respect,you may wish to reconsider doing this yourself without someone experienced helping out.The paint process is quite an art that is best learned through hands on experience.And with the cost of supplies reaching into several hundred dollars,an expensive mistake is easy to make.I worked in a body shop for a couple years before they would trust me to do more than the simplest things.

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    If you're just going to squirt primer over the original paint without any sanding, filling of dings dents etc., don't bother. Primering is the final step before paint, and you don't know how to do body work......or DO you?

    You wont save any money either. Is THAT what you are trying to do??

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    Not nearly enough room to tell you here. Buy a book.

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