Totally heartbroken and confused. Help me? ;(?


This is so unlike me, but I fell in love with a guy at first sight. He lives in another country (where I am moving to next year) and on the top of that, he doesnt know that I exist. I know his name and he has facebook.

What should I do!?!?! It would be so weird to write him!?

I only have one shot. If I would add him, and he'd ignore the request because he doesn't know me, it would be extremely weird and awkward if I bumped into him in the future.

What would you guys do if you were in my situation? Add him on FB and take the risk that he will ignore me, or should I somehow try to maybe "accidentally" (he he) ;) bump into him when I move to his city next year, pretending that I never saw him in my life before? I don't wan't to be a stalker type though :/

Please, take this question seriously. My heart is breaking! I never felt anything like this before :(

2 Answers

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    seriously, from a long distance relationship pro, for abour 3 - four years. add him on facebook, if he denies then atleast you know better then in person. and if he doesn't, which i think he wont, then start getting to know him, and ask him where he lives (pretending that you dont know) and say you're moving there next year, bleh bleh bleh, you know? take things slow, first steo is always the hardest, it gets easier from there i promise,

  • Paola
    Lv 5
    1 decade ago

    weird!! how come u know him while he doesn't know u !!! u need to add more details.

    ANyways, I think as u r going to his city , then don't add him to facebook if u like adventures, bcoz u might get refused, u never know!

    if u dont like to risk it, add him if he ignores ur invitation, then pm him.

    and c how things go..

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