What are some cereals vegetarians eat?

Because i've heard that i shouldn't eat the regular crap like lucky charms as a vegetarian?

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    Well, no one should eat the regular crap like Lucky Charms. A bowl full of sugar is not a good way to start the day & won't keep you going until lunch. :) Anyway, Lucky Charms have marshmallows, which contain gelatin. Frosted Mini-Wheats & some others also have gelatin. I think that's really the only thing you'd need to look out for as a vegetarian, unless you also stay away from dairy, because some cereals have whey or other things added as well. You just have to read labels.

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    Your concerns, despite the people making jokes about meat puffs, are valid. There are cereals that are not vegetarian. There are more that aren't healthy, but that's a different issue.

    The biggest thing you need to look for is gelatin. It's in any cereal with marshmallows. It's also in some frosted cereals.

    The other thing you need to look for is carmine. It's a red food coloring made of crushed bugs, and is in some cereals.

    All the Kashi cereals are good. I also love shredded mini wheats and grape nuts and honey bunches of oats.

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    if you are becoming a vegetarian (lacto-ovo) then really any cereal is good. If you're caring and strong enough to at least eat your breakfast vegan, then stay away from any cereals containing whey or gelatin and use soy, almond, rice, or hemp milk as your liquid of choice. I think cereal marshmallows have gelatin, but not sure. When in doubt, check the labels.

    now...if you're health conscious, i'd go vegan and stay away from High Fructose Corn Syrup and anything that has sugar as one of the first 3 ingredients.

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    Vegetarians are just more careful. No one should ear the regular crap like lucky charms. Vegans and vegetarians tend to pay more attention to detail, that's all.

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    lucky charms has marshmallows, anything with geletin vegetarian normally won't eat because all it is is melted down animal bone marrow (gross) so go for stuff like, special k or golden grams or trix... stuff without geletin. if u look at the ingredients, its easy to pick out.

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    All cereals are open, since they are made with grains. If you are looking to be a vegetarian, though, I don't know what you will use for milk, unless you go with soy milk. As for healthy, just read the labels on the boxes and go with the most nutritious one you can find.

    Avoid all cerals that say, "Frosted Meat Flakes" or "Meat Puffs." I am sure these are no-nos for vegetarians.

  • Kellyn
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    Um, do cereals have meat in them? I wasn't aware. Haha. I think you're safe to eat just about anything unless your vegan.

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    Just avoid things with marshmallows.

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