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How do you handle this?

My ex girlfriend broke up with me because the sex was too painful and took so long and in the absence of a real emotional connection the sex was all we had. Now I am worried that when I do meet someone I am emotionally connected to we will struggle physically. I always use plenty of lube and spend time in foreplay but sex remains painful for my partners because of my girth. (i am not that long at just over 8" but my girth is 7" and not too easy to work with)

Women: Do you have any advise on how to work with bigger penises?

Men: Any similarly cursed guys who have developed ways of having a mutually enjoyable sex life?

I really hope that I don't end up only able to be with someone who is only able to have sex with me because they have had far too much experience.

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    you need to **** girls with bigger *******

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    Darlin', average penis is 5.2 inches erect. You ARE that long.

    Practice will make perfect, that's all I can say. With arousal the vagina widens and lengthens several inches to accomidate almost any penis.

    In jest I'll say 'get a glass of wine in her'. Little social lubricant...

    (Please realize I'm kidding...)

    If your relationship is deep on an emotional level you will come to realize that there is more to good sex than just having a penis, and a vagina. Use hands, use feet, use mouth, use imagination, and use lube. Get creative. You don't always just have to penetrate her.

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    Your x-girlfriend broke up with you probly cause she didnt think it was worth the effort. When you find someone you do have an emotional connection with she will want to take the time to figure out how to be with you.

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