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My cat had 5 kittens, and there are 4 weeks old. Unfortanly we belive that they are not getting enough food.?

They are starving and we keep tryng to give them soft food, and water, but they refuse to have it. My cat came into the room and layed down and all of the kittens ran over and were so hungry that they made her nipples bleed. This is no joke and we need advice. Please tell us what we should do.

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    You can suppliment the kittens food at 4 weeks so you could look for a baby formulation such as farex etc. This is just a human babies first food and you dilute the granules with milk to a runny consistency. You may also want to add a little water as they may be a little lactose intolerant or use a special kittens milk formula.

    You could try feeding through a small dropper until they get the taste for it. You could also mash in a tiny portion of tinned food to add a little flavour to make it a bit more interesting.

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    There are products for both problems. Go and get a Pet-Ag bottle from Petsmart, or any reputable pet store. (The small ones) Buy some KMR, this is a kitten replacement milk, and bottle feed them. You should do this as quickly as you can, they sound hungry and you don't want to lose them. Mama is having some problems with her milk and she may need to see the vet. The other product is for cows udders and it works great for chapped lips and scrapes on humans as well as animals. I can't think of the name but if you have an all night WaL Mart, they should have it in the section that has misc. by the pharmacy. There are two products like this. One is called udder something, the other is in a green tin can, its called Bag Balm. Wal Mart should have all of these products, but may not have the bottles. Call ahead and check. Also theres' Walgreens or other drug stores. If you can't find the bottles tonight use an eye dropper or a small baby bottle. Try anything but hurry up. Go now! . These babies are counting on you! Good luck!

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    Weaning has already started at 4 weeks. In addition to the kitten formula, get some canned kitten food. It's high in protein, soft and tasty, made especially for kittens. They should start eating that asap. Bottle-feeding 5 kittens is a biiiig job. Good luck with your little family.

    And get mommy spayed, ok?

    p.s.-Try the formula in a saucer. They may be able to lap.

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    You can buy Kitten formula at the grocery store to feed to them if their mother is not producing milk anymore. 4 weeks may be to soon to ween them on to kitten chow (or any other food besides milk)

    But be warned kittens will want to eat every couple of hours, so when your not able to be around maybe try and set the bottles up so that they may be accesable to the kittens. The milk should be warm (like the mothers milk but if you are unable to be around cold milk is better than no milk)

    Source(s): Past Care taker of many abandoned kittens
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    A 4-5 week previous kitten ought to nonetheless be along with her mom, and mom cat could probable be in basic terms taking off to wean the kitten off nursing her, yet she'd nonetheless be nursing the kitten somewhat daily. Your kitten advance into taken removed from her mom way too quickly and he or she'll probable constantly now have behaviour problems, will probable constantly elect to nurse on something (clothing, your buttons, your arms or earlobe, etc.). you may attempt giving her some kitten milk, in keeping with risk combination it along with her nutrition.

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    You can buy kitten milk at the pet food store and sometimes WalMart has it. This is especially formulated for kittens and you can feed them with a little bottle or eye dropper.

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    The pet store has ready to eat formula and little bottles for nursing, otherwise sometimes the shelter has available cats for nursing.

  • Anonymous
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    at 4 weeks they should be weaned,or close to it. os try this

    get a can of food, cheap stinky is great.

    take about 1to2 tablespoons mix with water to make it soupy

    1 at a time try it on your finger first if they won't take it then put enough on their face so they have to lick it off

    once they get a good taste you will have them eating

    they will try to suck at first as soon as possible give solid canned cut / mashed into small pieces to prevent chocking

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    You need to help her by bottle feeding the babies. You can get a supplement milk for the babies. Good luck.

  • Anonymous
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    You might need to feed her more and then also bottle feed them.

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