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How can I improve the cleaning power of my dishwasher?

After a year of terrific performance, my $900 Bosch dishwasher just doesn't clean as well as it used to. Even after it runs on the super-duper setting, coffee rings stay in the cups and food smears sometimes remain on plates. I ALWAYS scrape and regularly clean the filter. Water is plenty hot. What gives? It's occurred to me that the drain line may be partially occluded. What else could it be? Any suggested treatments?

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    Is the drain hose to the disposal at a high point?

    Is it higher than where it enters the disposal.

    If not you may be getting back flow from the sink.

    Make the flexible hose higher with wire or duct tape or something temporary and see if that helps.

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    Give it a run empty. That might fix it up.

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