Ramadan ~ the soul after death?

Once the person has been questioned by the angels in the grave and is shown his/her place of heaven or hell, what happens to the soul after that?? does it remain in the grave?? can the soul come out of the grave and wander about??

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    yes the soul remains in the grave. if he has been favoured with Jannah then the grave will be pleasant. if he has been favoured with Jahanam then it will be a torment. (that's why Muslim are asked to make dua whenever they pass a graveyard) .

    the soul cannot come out and wounder about.

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    Muslim scholars are of the opinion that the "grave" [Qabr] does not mean the actual grave [not everybody ends up in a grave], but the state before one is sent to "Barzakh" to remain there until the Day of Judgment.

    There is a theory that the "qiyamah" has already taken place and we are just re-living it. The reason for that is that some verses of Quran and Hadiths suggests that some people are already in hell or heaven, which can lead one to believe that the Day of Judgment has already taken place. Wallah-u-aalam.

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    Salam my dear lavender. In line with hadith after all who witnessed the burial 7 steps left the grave,the related soul will be entered to his/her body in the tomb.Angel will give some questions to the related soul such as who is your God,what is your religion,what is your holy book,

    who is your prophet etc.All souls are in the alam barzah or wating room until qiyyamah.During they live in alam barzah,they will have prepaid rewards or punishments from Allah.They remain in the grave so in a hadith when Muhammad pbuh went to a grave he heard a crying from the souls under the grave.Muhammad told to his sahabahs that the souls were being punished.He asked his sahabah to take a wet leaf of palm(dates) tree and then he broke the leaf into 2 parts and laid down on the grave. He said the punishment was delayed until the wet leaf will dry.The souls would not come out of the grave.

    We can send Al Fatihah to the ancestors (parents or grandparents)souls and make a du'a for them. at home.Insya allah the souls will receive it,but they could not answer us.

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    Once the person dies, after the questioning in the grave ... the soul is kept in a different realm called Barzakh or Purgatory... the state of the soul in barzakh depends on the state you died in... and right when the person is dying , shaytan comes in to attack you for the last time so you can die a disbeliever hence your soul rises in a state of a disbeliever and well rest is wrathful... i can provide you with a link of an online book which is amazing to read and will pretty much tell you all about afterlife...


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    I heard that when I person dies, the soul remains on earth around his/her people.

    but once its questioned by the angels a soul remains there, the grave can either be heaven, wide and green, or a tight and a hole of torment.

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    If you die a believer there will be light where there was darkness

    There will be open wide space and fresh breeze

    There will be a sense of eternal peace

    You have no worries, but you must wait till the day of judgment.

    This is why when you go to the graveside you say there is not much wait remaining.

    Like anyone else, I want to go to heaven too, but not today.

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    death is the door of no return. the body is bound for time and space. the soul does not travel the same way. that is why you have to change the mean for your next journey.

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    Do u know what happens after death?


    On the left click the hereafter.

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    Interesting question. I await the answers

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    aslamoalikom the answer that answer this question is when you die your body will rot and your soul will go to allah (SUBHW) and will stay there untill judgement day i will come back to your body and you will be risen to face Allah

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