If you are in accounting major in college, how will that help me accomplish that goal in real life?

need some good answers. and 6 points for the best answer.

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    Well, companies don't usually hire staff accountants that didn't major in accounting.

    To become a CPA you need to gain exposure to a broad range of concepts.

    Here's what I remember about my course work.

    Beginning Accounting 1 and 2:

    You learn about the accounting equation and journal entries. You learn pretty much the basics. You learn how to make an income statement, balance sheet, and statement of owners equity. Accounting 2 usually exposes you to cost accounting.

    Intermediate Accounting 1 and 2:

    You learn about GAAP, principles and assumptions of accounting. These two classes are usually an expansion of your beginning accounting 1. It's pretty intense, but if you can study, you can master it. So much information here and new ways of looking at accounting. Lots of fun. Usually weeds out those who want to be there and those who just want to call themselves accountants.

    Tax Accounting:

    You basically learn about preparing 1040's. You learn how the government sees things differently than GAAP sees them. You get an idea how tax starts to work out.

    Managerial/ Cost accounting:

    You learn about how companies allocate costs through some of the various methods. This class was hard for me because my teacher was pretty much worthless. I had to teach myself everything. I did earn a 3.5 in this class. Though it was a lot of work.

    Accounting Info Systems and Auditing:

    Accounting info systems teaches you about the accounting cycle and introduces you to methods of control. When you are dealing with lots of money, people like to steal it. This class exposes you to learning how to spot weaknesses and deter fraud. My teacher for this class was also worthless.

    Auditing is important because you learn how to go through a companies books and records to decide if the financial statements are presented according to GAAP. This information is important mainly for investors and creditors. Other people will also use this information. If you go into public accounting, this class is more than likely what you're going to be doing for awhile.

    Advanced Tax:

    I learned about corporate taxation. Not too bad.


    I saved the easiest (so I've heard) for last. I'm taking that this fall.


    A very worthwhile experience. I worked in tax, though I would have rather done audit. I prepared tax returns for some pretty wealthy people. It was cool to see how complicated some of their returns can get.

    **** Job Search.

    Because of a drop in the economy, the firm I interned with did not give offers to any of the five of us. I am in the process of looking for a job now during my last semester. Accounting organizations like Beta Alpha Psi help with this. Also, there are accounting/ finance career fairs usually every semester (except summer). These are good to go to if you're interested in an internship. Even if you're a few years out from an internship or job, it's good to gain exposure.

    Hope that helped.

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    Are you asking how being an accounting major in college helps you become an accountant?

    The college classes would teach you Generally Accepted Accounting Principles. Even if you move to another country, I think those Principles should still mostly or entirely apply for your work there.

    The classes might teach tax law and other things which are valid only in the country where you study. If you want to emigrate, ask the college whether they also teach about the laws of other countries.

    Also, that accounting degree should be a good match with a law or business graduate/professional degree.

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    Accounting is actually a decent major with applicable jobs in the real world.

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    you can become a CPA...... Most likely will hold a job as an accountant.....but you can work in any company, any company needs this task done...

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