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after baby is born..?

do you have to bring an outfit for baby to wear home from the hospital? or does the hospital provide it? may sound like a stupid question but im clueless

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    You bring the going home outfit yourself. I'd rather have it that way because then you get to go out and buy something really cute rather than taking the most likely plain, ugly outfit a hospital would provide :)

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    Absolutely take a couple of outfits to choose from to bring your Baby home from the hospital, and be sure to pack a nice baby blanket too. Once you meet your baby you can decide which outfit will be the cutest.

    Congratulations and very best wishes!

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    My hospital does not give you anything. The baby wears an outfit they provide during their stay only. Right on the front it says, property of the hospital, do not take.

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    You'll need to bring the outfit.

    Sample idea:

    Undershirt (short sleeve)

    Onesie outfit (appropriate for the season)

    Jacket if appropriate

    Hat (hospital WILL give you some of these)

    Socks (if outfit doesn't have feet on it)


    The hospital will have diapers for you, but if there is a specific type you'd like to use, bring them along!

    Source(s): mom of 8 month old
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    I had an outfit for my son to wear home, but as I was pretty much ignored the whole night by the nursing staff, I demanded to be checked out immediately and once I got the green light to leave, I rushed out and my son was wearing the little swaddle clothes they had him in. I changed him into his special outfit when I got home.

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    Yes, you bring the outfit. Choose something special that you can save and give to your child when they are older. You should also bring a blanket for the car ride home.

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    You have to provide the baby's going home outfit. I brought my daughter home in the same outfit I came home in when I was born. Congrats & good luck.

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    You bring the babies going home outfit

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    they do give you one sometimes but not all hospitals do so bring your own for the baby just in case

  • With all my 7 kids we took our own for after they are born. We also took 2/3 just plain white suits so when they spit up we dont have to wash their clothes STRAIGHT away. Good luck with your bubs and good luck in the future!

    Source(s): DADDY TO SEVEN!
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