Info on Castration of Rapists?

I'm doing a presentation to support castration of rapists.

Don't pin this on me please, the topics was chosen for me =.=|||

I need info on castration of rapists and support on it

I need the websites too



I've tried google and yahoo but the results were not satisfactory

Update 2:

For future answers, please don't express your feelings here unless you have info about it. This is just an attempt to get information on a presentation topic IN SCHOOL. So please!

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    Castration for Convicted Rapists?

    There were 261,000 rapes and sexual assaults in the United States,

    in the year 2000. Seventy-two percent of those were never reported, of those reported, there is a

    fifty percent chance of an arrest, an eighty percent chance that the sexual offender will be prosecu

    ted, and fifty-eight percent of those prosecuted will receive a felony conviction. If there is a fe

    lony conviction, only sixty-nine percent of those felons spend any time in prison; in total there is

    only a sixteen-point-three percent chance that any rapists or sexual harassers spend a day in jail

    at all. Those statistics are from the Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network. Castrating or lobo

    tomizing one such rapist may sound like a just punishment and, or deterrence, but there are some ver

    y corrupt and defective consequences that would come from it.

    Every woman is terrified of being rape

    d, or at least she should be. The truth is that out of that minute number of convicted rapists, mos

    t of them do not spend more than five-to-ten years in incarceration. They may be let off on "good b

    ehavior", but they are most likely not reformed, they are let back into the world to rape and ravage

    again. People are puzzled with the question of how to reform a convicted felon. In the book by An

    thony Burgess titled, A Clockwork Orange, it portrays a young man named Alex Delarge who has been le

    ft at the scene of a crime where he and his gang have murdered a woman. He is tried and convicted a

    nd sent off to prison where, later, he hears about a "cure for criminals" still in the experimental

    stages, but is said to get one out of prison quick and prevent one from ever breaking the law again.

    Alex undergoes this so-called "cure" and is sent out of prison. This treatment gives a feeling of

    nausea and death when the thought of any immoral act crosses his mind, but he is not reformed becau

    se he does not know what else to think of, so much that he is not able to function as a part of soci

    ety and tries to commit suicide. He is later reimbursed for his suffering and the treatment is reve

    rsed. In the end of the book, Alex mockingly says, "I was cured alright." If the justice system we

    re to destroy a rapist's libido, or other drives to rape, they would not be reforming them. That wo

    uld only be taking away one of their basic instincts. A criminal should be taught that what they ha

    ve done is wrong, and to be able to recognize it and control that impulse.

    The government is definit

    ely not right all of the time, there are plenty of mistrials, and false accusations, and false convi

    ctions. If a punishment such as castration to rapists was put in to play, some men would be strippe

    d of their manhood, and if the mistake were ever discovered, there would not be anything anyone coul

    d do about it. They might get their life back but their pride. It is true that a punishment should

    fit the crime, but one should not have to rely on an imperfect system of convicting criminals.


    e rapists may be inhumane and non-deserving of life, but many of them go home to a forgiving girlfri

    end or wife most nights. It is a scientific fact that a sterile man cannot fertilize an egg, which

    could lead to a population decrease. Clearly, another alternative should be presented to somehow re

    form these criminals, but maybe the real question here is, who really wants the offspring of a rapis

    t in their backyard anyway?

    There should be a way to keep criminals from acting again without stripp

    ing them of their rights, no one should feel sorry for these disgusting rapists, but it is a technic

    al matter. Taking so much charge against this would cost billions of tax dollars and probably creat

    e more harm than good. Too many women are raped each year and it should be stopped, but mutilating

    a prisoner goes against all constitutional rights and would be an enormous burden on the population.

    castration convicted rapists there were rapes sexual assaults united states year seventy percent t

    hose were never reported those reported there fifty percent chance arrest eighty percent chance that

    sexual offender will prosecuted fifty eight those prosecuted will receive felony conviction there f

    elony conviction only sixty nine felons spend time prison total only sixteen point three chance that

    rapists sexual harassers spend jail statistics from rape abuse incest national network castrating l

    obotomizing such rapist sound like just punishment deterrence some very corrupt defective consequenc

    es that would come from every woman terrified being raped least should truth minute number convicted

    rapists most them spend more than five years incarceration they good behavior they most likely refo

    rmed they back into world rape ravage again people puzzled with question reform convicted felon book

    anthony burgess titled clockwork orange portrays young named alex delarge been left scene crime whe

    re gang have murdered woman tried

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    LOL! Search google I guess. Sounds like a good idea. Something more should be done than the Crap our system does about it now. Ppl who think punishments should be "lighter" have never had a family member raped. Come at it from a person who's best friend or family member was raped. This is the best for writing on the subject.

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    wow ive never heard of that... but its a great idea

    check this place out its got loads of world issues and is perfect for debates it will probably have yours

    my bad i dont feel like looking up the url its written down somewhere in my backpack and its like 30 feet away


    well ill tell you right now if you live in america and your opponent has heard of such a thing as the bill of rights they will just quote the one about cruel and unusual punishment

    honestly you shouldnt even do any research cuz its a for sure lose

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    Goodi please stop using my profile to justify your inane remarks.

    Look at the Netherlands and Sweden in the 1960's. They were trying both chemical and physical castration.

    There are good journal reports that showed the they worked and that they did not work.

    From my own experience as a homicide/sex detective I can tell you that it is not the testicles that make a rapist it is the need to have power over someone sexually. So without testes those that are disposed toward rape will still force themselves on women, they just can't use their penis.

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  • 6 years ago

    I have never been raped, never even close to it.

    Most sexual assaults occur during an out of control date.

    I give my dates advance warning on what I am willing to do, if anything, and what I am not willing to do.

    Changing your mind after he licks your panties off is an out of control date.

    Protect yourself, protect your date.

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    Although it sounds like a good idea, Castrating men would only makes things worse. Many of the longterm effects on even fully grown adults could deform their bodies in the span of years without proper testosterone. Another problem is that if this punishment was carried out on rapist, it could create the potential of Testosterone drug trafficing and far only force convicts to play what would techniclly be another monthly fee for survival. And in the end, we are still generalizing, If a rapist was fully reformed and wanted to start over, then this would make things FAR worse.

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    temporary chemical castration might make sense, but how'd you like your balls cut off, only to have it proved later you were innocent?

    how would you like to lose your balls to a Mike Nifong?

    (disgraced Duke LaCross 'rape' prosecutor)

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    Hot flashes, night sweats, weight gain, hair loss, not bad at all.

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    Google and Yahoo are good places to start.

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    While you're at it, why not chop off the hands of a person who steals, or cut out the tongue of those who lie under oath? Oh, right...we don't live in a barbarian culture.

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