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VERY impotent questions for my corn snake?

PLEASE HELP my corn snake has just got done shedding like 1 week ago and i tried to feed it but it does not eat it.

1st i tried to give the pinkie to him with tweezers but he just got annoyed and slithered away from it

2nd i tried to just leave the pinkie on a cardboard piece in its cage but it just slithered away from it and went to one of its hiding areas

3rd i put it in a separate box with the pinkie but it just was focused on trying to get out

4th i put it in a little plastic container with holes in the lid but still nothing

now i got EVERY THING i need for it to be conferable to eat but i don't know wats up

is he sick, is he just not hungry, should i be worried

also it is a baby and about 14 inches long

1 more thing is it okay to put a mini refrigerator next to its tank?

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    first of all quit trying to feed your snake so often...this will stress the little guy out. wait 5 - 7 days before trying to feed him again. don't get him out at all during that time. then on feeding day put him in a feeding tub and drop the mouse in if you are using frozen thawed heat the mouse up in warm water before offering it to the snake. if your snake doesn't eat then try again in another 7 days. if your snake doesn't eat in a month or two then you need to take it to the vet for a check. i know it's hard but try not to stress out too much about it.

    as for handling the snake -- once he has eaten 2 or 3 times then you can start handling.

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    Don't worry, Ricky, - this is actually pretty common with any baby Corn or King. Of all the things you tried, your best move was the separate box. now take it to the next level. go to the grocery store and get a plastic Deli cup ( like the put cole slaw in) with the lid- Warm the pinkie (frozen/thawed) in a cup of hot water so it's warm to the touch. Put the snake and the pinkie in the cup at the same time and then put a towel over the cup or put it in a dark cupboard for 20 minutes. DO NOT try and watch him eat or check after 5 minutes to see what her is doing- Let him be and if he doesn't eat, put him back in his cage for 2-3 days before you try again. Be patient- keep trying- If he doesn't eat after trying this 2 or 3 times, Email me back for some advanced tips - This is my specialty! - good Luck- I hope this helps.

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    I have two Corn snakes and when they were babies one would eat like a horse and the other refused to eat for about 2 weeks. He wasn't sick, just didn't have an appetite. It might just be that he's not hungry.. Wait it out and try to feed him again in a day or so.

    Another trick is to pierce the pinkies skull so your snake can smell the brains - it is more enticing and he could be tempted to eat it.. Good luck

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    Defrost a new mouse mate that will probably work =) sometimes my snake doesn't take a mouse because he doesn't like the smell of it. I doubt he is sick. Good Luck =)

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    try dipping his food in chicken soup...many snakes ,including corn snakes,go crazy for the smell of bird...

    i love corn snakes..one reason is i capture any snake i can..i love em..and if you have to let go in the wild,its ok because they are native to america,and can hunt very effectively without any help...enjoy...

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    He is probably still stressed from changing enclosures. Just give it time and offer him food. He will eventually eat.

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    Have you tried taking the snake to a fertility clinic?

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