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need some information from people. HELP PLEASE??

hello, i am 18, living at home and at college, ive never had a girlfriend. or even kissed, i have been looking around and nothing has came up. i think im overweight. i know i am. im 17stone. i eat healthy and do exercise but it just doesn't come off. do you think girls find me unattractive. im 6ft, blonde hair and blue eyes. i try to go out as much as i can. i work in McDonald's. do you think girls see me in my work uniform and think i am fat because of that. or that i will stink all the time. what can i do to try to find someone and what can i do over my appearance. a normal day without my uniform on would be. white or black plimsoll's, sweatpants, tee-shirt, a jacket or hoddie, also im Always wearing a beanie of some sort. at the moment its the over-sized beanie. Also i have shoulder length hair.

help please


For some reason i can wear jeans. just uncomfortable

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    to me you seem really cute. maybe update your clothes you know wear * well i like this stuff on a guy * jeans with a shirt any shoes? and yeah

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