i want to be a nurse practitioner...?

i would graduate with a BSN in 2014 what would happen would i go to school for two more years or four because the deadline is 2015? i could really use your help. thanks.


deadline= someone said that in 2015 you need a DOC to be a nurse practitioner and i am right in the middle.

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    I know of no requirement for nurse practitioners to have a doctorate. As you probably realize, new BSN graduates are still very inexperienced in the realities of clinical nursing. Not just the ability to do procedures, but the capacity to understand patients as a whole and not just a collection of lab data and clinical findings; working with physicians in effective ways, etc. You should really have about 5 years of bedside experience before undertaking studies to become an NP or even a clinical nurse specialist, for that matter. Best of luck to you

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    An MSN is 2 1/2 years. The deadline for what is 2015?

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    The push for the Doctorate is more of a political ego thing than anything else. I have talked to a few NP's that said the difference is 1 or 2 classes and nothing of vital importance. But i have heard that all programs will become Docorate degree programs in 2015 or 16. Have you looked into Physician Assistant programs? check out aapa.org and www.physicianassistantforum.com

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    MSN programs are converting to DNP programs.

    But don't worry about it now. Finish the BSN and work as an RN before deciding if you want to commit yourself to more schooling.

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