help me with this and ill help you with your wuestions?

the other day i was at a party and this really gorgeous girl was there. were both 20 and there were 3 chairs she was in the left her aunt was in the middle and i was in the right then her aunt left and she asked if i wanted a beer n i said yes she came back n sat next to me n we started talking just about random stuff lol. and we went to sit inside with all the other people and i sat down n she sat next to me. i kept sayin i wanna get out of here n go for a drive , tryin to hint to her to come with me. well she had to bring someone home and she asked if i wanted to go with her. i went with her but nothin happened. we got back and we went back to sit by all the people n we started talin again n everynow n then she would do hand motions andtouch my arms a little. she is really gorgeous n i would like to date her or friends with benefits. do yall think that she is interested in me?? and she kelt sayin come to the bars after the party with her n she will bring me u think she wanted me to go with her jus bc i said earlier that i wanted to go somewhere? and if she wanted me o make the 1st move what should i say or do????????????

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    shes into you.. just ask her out

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