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Mixing Hair Color - Please Help?

I am a 2N naturally, and because of a series of unfortunate events, I had to pre-lighten my hair and color it again, and now I'm a Goldwell 6K (which actually faded a bit). I hate it and I saw an ISO color - 6RB that I was thinking about using. To mix my color, I was going to use a 30 volume on my regrowth area (roots), but what should I use to make the 6K to a 6RB (the rest of my hair)? Shouldn't I only be depositing that area (the 6K) with a 10 volume to make it a 6RB? The 30 will be lifting it, whereas the 10 will be depositing.

I was also thinking about going down to a 5RB, or 5B because I think that the 6 always fades and becomes too light, what are your thoughts?

I was also interested in using the Paul Mitchell chocolate cherry, but that is a 3 RB, too dark? I've attached the face powder that I use so you'd be able to recommend a color to me. I wear MAC's StudioFix Foundation in NC35.

Any other tips would be appreciated! Thanks!

10 points to the most helpful person!!! :)

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    i would probably go with the 5RB. 30vol for the roots and 10vol for the ends.. i use matrix color and find that to be condtioning enough to pull thru with 10vol and have it be nice and even. if you use 20 on the ends (preexisting 6K) it would probably be too bright and will brass out quicker. and 5RB would be a little richer anyway. why not try a line of red additive instead for vibrancy?

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    Go down to the 5 level. Obviously, you are a hairdresser, or really understand the workings of color. As a retired hairdresser, you are doing things right. I think the 5 level rb is good because in just one washing from the previous lifting, the color will lighten.

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    do 20 volume on the midshaft/ends.

    10 will darken it too much...and the color won't be as vibrant.

    30 on the ends to lift your three levels...

    20 will also make the color have more shine && the tone will pop more evenly!! =]

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