How do I get better reaction times when I am hearing information and typing it in?

I was about to get a job working online from home. But, I failed the skills test. I had to press the "hear last sound to much"

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    1 decade ago
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    The best way to do it. And this is from personal experience.

    Play a song, any song, but preferably one that you havn't heard in a long time, and don't know the words to.

    Next, open up word.

    Start typing the song out into word, as best as you can do it.

    Don't stop if you miss something, just keep typing. When you finish. Replay the song, and sing out the lyrics you've just typed.

    Count the words you've missed and put it on a chart. Keep doing this and you should be getting less and less words missed on the songs.


    * Try saying the last line in your head. It helps to know what comes next.

    * Start with slower songs and up the pace when you see your getting good at them.

    Doing this for 3 weeks rocketed my WPM to 70-75.

    :) Good luck!x

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