Do you like these names?

I won't be offended if you don't, and I'm open to suggestions:

Abigail Lisette

Imogen(e) Natasha

Thomas Kayde

Christopher Remi / Remy

Any opinions welcome!

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    I like the 1st and the last name on your list

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    Abigail Lisette - There are quite a few Abigails on today's playgrounds (14,901 baby girls born in the US were given the name last year), but it is certainly popular for a reason. Abby is such a cute nickname, but Abigail is perfect for more formal or mature settings. Even though it's so popular, it still has a quirky, yet sweet feel to it. The Biblical character was one cool lady, but the name doesn't feel overly religious, if that kind of thing bothers you. It also has a lovely meaning-- "my father is joy". Lisette is a nice alternative to Marie and Renee, or other popular middle names stressed on the second syllable.

    Imogen(e) Natasha - Depends on how one says it--pronounced the British way, IM-uh-gen, it's sophisticated and Shakespearean. eye-mo-GENE, however, sounds a bit dowdy, and, unfortunately, is the more popular pronounciation over here. If you favor the original pronounciation and live in the US, you'll constantly be correcting people. However, if you can handle that, I much prefer it to Abigail.

    Thomas Kayde - Thomas is a great name. It's familiar, but is surprisingly uncommon for newborns; it was only given to 8,234 babies in the US last year. There were more Braydens, Landons, and even Isaiahs than there were Thomases. Tom is easy and familiar, but he can get away with going by his full name if he would prefer that. Not a fan of Kayde, though. It seems like you're trying to be fashionable and macho at the same time. What's wrong with Cade?

    Christopher Remi / Remy - I'm not a fan of Christopher, mostly because of its overuse, but it is a universally loved name, one that he could wear quite easily, no matter his personality. I like Remy, but to be honest, I prefer it up front. Have you considered Remy Christopher?



    Christabel- Has a similar feel to the other names you like, but is not as common as Abigail or as hard to pronounce as Imogen.

    Beatrice- Recommended for the same reasons I recommend Christabel. Trixie is a lovely nickname.

    Arabella- If you like Abby but are turned off by Abigail's popularity, you may be able to get away with using Abby as a nickname for Arabella.







    Nicholas - Like Thomas, it's familiar without being wildly popular, and has an easy nickname (har har).




    Short, Strong Middle Names for Boys







    Hope this helps!

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    Abigail Natasha

    Christopher Kayde

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  • 1 decade ago

    like the girl names but the middle names for the boys sound gay

  • 1 decade ago

    I like the boys names. =]

  • 1 decade ago

    try again

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