Im 17 & concerned about beinq able to conceive ....?

Im concerned that I might not be able to conceive. My boyfriend & I are not TTC, im just very concerned about my health. On numerous occassions we have had unprotected sex & with my luck i have not conceived. My periods over the last 3 months have become later & later, and I do have a history of ovarian cyst. I've been tested for PCOS and that has been ruled out. Its something I shouldnt be to worried about but at this age I think alot of young girls should take time out to learn their body & its sensitivity. I'm turning 18 very soon, and i do plan on havinq a child young, and don't get me wrong I am about my schooling. How do I apporach my doctor about this ? What should I do ?

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    Well, when I was your age I had about two ovarian cysts a year, missed periods months at a time and was even told I wouldn't be able to have children by one doctor (though he did NO testing whatsoever, just assumed because of my missing periods).

    I am now 26 and have a period almost every month...though they are ALWAYS two to three weeks late. My fiance and I don't use protection but he does pull out. I wonder if I will have trouble conceiving as I have never been pregnant. Although, according to my current doctor I have no reason for concern yet... point is, I wouldn't worry at your age yet. I mean, you are still very young and it isn't uncommon for your periods to be irregular. The ovarian cysts can cause scar tissue which makes it difficult for the sperm to reach the egg. If you want to discuss this with your doctor...just can say "due to my current problems, I am worried that in my future it will be difficult for me to conceive...what do you think?"

    Good luck! :)

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    I agree with all the other posts to this question.

    I do have another question though, why was PCOS ruled out? There's no actual test for it, there are only symptoms. Irregular periods are one of them...

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    Don't think just because it hasn't happen yet that it wont just be happy its has not happened yet because its hard being a young mother I know first hand just focus on school and when the time is right it will happen

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    as far as u being concerned..dont worry!!..Its all in Gods time..I was 17 when i became pregnant but it took me a loooonnnggg time to actually become pregnant..i was concerned too but like i said its all in Gods time..dont rush into things..they can get tough at times especially at such a young the way just in case ur wondering..i got married as soon as i found out i became pregnant..and now we have been happily married for almost 5 years now..with two beautiful daughters=]] hope i helped=]]

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    At 17 you shouldnt be having sex anyway.

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