DUI misdemeanor charge with failure to appear?

My friend is from CT and moved to NC a while back, he then moved back to CT for about 6months.. Within that time period he was using a car registered in N.C and ended up getting a DWI in CT. A misdemeanor offense for the first time.. He then left CT and moved back to NC and layed low for a while and moved back to CT again a few months later and ended up getting arrested for failure to appear and went to jail for about 3 weeks, then went to COURT and got 18months probation, with a fine of $500 and a suspended license. He never paid the fine or did the 18months probation and ended up leaving CT again and moved back to NC he now has a (warrant for violation of probation in CT) for those charges. Do you think he can still get his license in N.C? Knowing that those events haven't been taken care of? and do you think he will eventually get a warrant issued in N.C and get extradited? I don't know how that works from state-to-state it being a misdemeanor. He has been doing fairly well and the only thing thats really holding him up from doing even better is his N.C license... But he doesnt want to go to prison which he is afraid of if he returns to CT to fess up to this mess.


Grr. Also he originally only (had) a CT license and never actually got a N.C license before.

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  • Zach
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    His warrant isn't only in Connecticut. It is in a national database that can be seen in N.C. If he is stopped by the police, they will see his warrant and he will be arrested. He will more than likely be extradited back to Connecticut to deal with his probation violations. No, he cannot get a NC license as NC will see it is suspended in CT. It doesn't matter where his license was from. They will see it.

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    he needs a good lawyer - he can speak to a lawyer with atty/client privilage

    in my humble opinion, no they probably will not extradite him, but YES, he will NOT be able to get a licence in NC, as nearly all states belong to the inter state license compact


    if he's worried about extradition, trying to get an NC license is probably the best way to find out if they extradite

    in all likelyhood, his best move after consulting a lawyer will be to SUCK IT UP and deal with the consequences, a lawyer may perhaps get him to serve in out in NC

    "He has been doing fairly well and the only thing thats really holding him up from doing even better is his N.C license... "

    nobody who's ducking warrents is 'doing well', although he can do well in the future after he's settled this

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    UHHhhh. He is in serious trouble. He will HAVE to go back and face the judge in order to ever recieve another license in ANY STATE. Also the first time a cop runs a check on your friend. he will probable be transported back to face the charges anyway and the judge will be 5 times harder on him than if he just goes back and takes care of the problem.

    PS: There is a law called The Right To Declare. He can use that right in front af the Police in CT. and not be in half the trouble for turning himself in . . .

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    a typical offense is often not that terrible. Your chum wouldn't have tried to flee the punishment. there's a bench warrant at this factor. Now, i might advise in seek of advice from a criminal protection criminal expert. often, for a typical DUI i does not advise hiring an criminal expert, because it is going to easily be an rate that isn't help your case. even inspite of the undeniable fact that, they might now use this to further the penalty, yet a competent criminal expert could have it missed in the journey that your chum makes an visual charm and the warrant is back.

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