Broken camera where can i take it to get fixed?

help!! i have a broken camera i got sand stuck in the lens. and now every time i turn it off only one lens closes and the other one doesn't even come up. the camera is a sony cybershot wit 7.2 Mega pixels and its not mine its my dads does and i want to fiz it before i give it to him. anyone one no where i can .take it to get fixed or how i can fix it myself plz help me

1 Answer

  • 1 decade ago

    I am a technician at Precision Camera Repair and i can honestly say that they are probably your best bet for this job. The only other option that i can think of is Ritz Camera, and when they get stuck on a camera, they send it to us. Otherwise you're going to have to send it to a local shop or something. Precision Camera has a 3 day repair time so factor in shipping time (we're located in CT) and you should have a reasonably fast repair. Either ship it to us directly, or if it's still under like a Best Buy warranty you can bring it in to them and they'll ship it to us. Lens jobs like this are fairly straight forward and usually give us little trouble during repair. Yeah I work at Precision Camera, but i'm trying to be as unbiased as possible. If you have the money, i recommend shipping it to us. But if you're short on the money end, you may have better luck finding a cheap local family shop.

    Hope this helped.

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