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<Is it safe to buy pre-owned games from>?

hey..i want to buy pre-owned games from but i dont know if its really safe to buy pre-owned games on

And if its safe , can i return the game in case it doesnt work?

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    yeah i think its better than buying new. buying used you get a 7 day money back with the sells slip. and a 30 day warranty so if it scraches or stops working for any reason they will replace it for you. and if you try it for a few days take it back and get a diffrent one.

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    Of course it's safe. Just look to make sure that there are no scratches.

    You can return it for the same game if it doesn't work.

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    5 years ago

    Yes they are very safe to buy, in fact if your buying games for the ps3 or xbox, most of the time they look practically new!!!

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    yep yep yep. they check them to see if they work before some1 gives them as a used game so its good (:

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