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What webcam software will allow me to stream my desktop live?

I'm looking for software (or a whole new webcam) that will allow me to stream what I see on my monitor live over Stickam/AIM/MSN/ etc.

I don't want something that RECORDS what I do on my screen and then lets me send it. I just want it to be able to stream it and be able to switch between me and my monitor. Thanks, guys!

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    i think Manycam will do it,


    go ahead and download it and then choose it as ure "hardware" on msn, like if u have "Webcam" change it to ManyCam Studio and what ever you do on manycam the people watching will see. u gotta look around manycam for the different options

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    Desktop Webcam Software

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    5 years ago

    a lot of people on ustream use manycam its free software & really easy to use hope this helps

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