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if someone hates you and thinks your smelly and gross what do you do?

how do you let and make them like you

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    ya i think i would start with the smelly and gross issue. nevermind if YOUthink you are or not. many people are not able to pick up their own offensiveness because they live with it.

    at least they were forthright enough to lay it out for you.

    start with morning shower and clean every crevace (you know what i'm talking about. )

    wash hair thoroughly and brush shampoo through hair to get it thoroughly distributed then use it again while rinsing it so hair is literally "squeaky" clean. (do that every second or third day unless you have really oily hair ). choos the right products for your skin and hair type

    use a cloth, scrubber or brush to wash all over

    dont forget your feet too.

    dont step out of the shower into the same dirty clothes. put fresh clothes on.

    new socks and undies and shirt each day is not optional, athough pants you can wear a few days before washing

    alternate shoes from day to day. buy more if necessary but dont wear the same pair every day.

    brush teeth religiously morning and night and gargle mouthwash.

    dont go nuts on aftershave or cologne due to allergies of people in closed spaces but some is good

    some people stop doing this as they get older. they may beleive that just because they cant smell it any more then they are clean

    WRONG,they are just not as sensitive to it. you just have to treat it as an essential whether you think you need it or not.

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    you can never "make" someone like you. I don't know whether they were teasing or thinking they were honest even though it was really being rude. It's like this: if one person tells you you can ignore it, if another person tells you the same thing then it's time to check if something is wrong.

    If you think you're smelly and gross then it's time to get a haircut (or style), bathe, shave, use deoderant, a little cologne, put on clean clothes (if not stylish then at least clean) and keep the sounds and bad language to yourself (if by chance you do that).

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    4 years ago

    i think of you're in simple terms attempting to get an enhance out of people. not each and every toddler is gorgeous yet maximum are wonderful. My husband unearths our newborn wonderful besides as different ones and mine isn't pungent or gross. that's noted as replace the diaper and supply them a bath. i'm guessing you have hatred in the direction of infants for the reason which you have been a fugly toddler and you nonetheless are Mommy to 17 day previous Mackenzie Lynn

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    Let them think what they want. It doesn't affect me in any way. I don't need everyone to like me.

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    1 decade ago

    Kick them in the balls

    they'll respect you

  • 1 decade ago

    Pass wind at them then realise that what they think doesn't matter.

    - Pepper.

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    well tell em to **** off but if u want to make em like u just be u lmaoo but if its truee u should try to like take care of urself moree :T

  • Gary C
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    Take a bath, for a start.

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