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should i message him?

and no i can't talk to him in person i have to strong of feelings for him i barely have the nerve to send the message

my and my ex have been having sex

he is nice to me when he wants to have sex and if he doesn't he's short with me any everything i say makes him mad. today i asked him a simple question and he got mad at me and i texted him back and said "so did i something to you" and he ignored me

should i facebook message him this:

so i guess i did do something to you...idk how to talk to you without you getting mad at me about stupid if you want to explain what i do to you that pisses you off so much you can or i can leave you alone whatever but i hate that i have to worry if me asking you a simple question will piss you off...

you don't talk to anyone else the way you talk to me

in fact the only you're ever really nice to me is when you want someone to have sex with because you have no ******* respect for me

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    Do not send him that.

    Chill out for a little bit. Guys get even more upset and feel defensive when confronted. Give him a little bit of time to cool off, and wonder if you're upset. If you give a little time, it will show maturity on your part. He's more likely to give a rude answer or answer you won't like if you message him something like that.

    While what you are trying to say in general is an okay message, you should probably fine tune it some. For example, don't use the curse word at the end. I know you are upset and frustrated, but that will immediately send him on the defense and he won't think about what you are really saying rather than what he will shoot back with to defend himself.

    Maybe just say something like:

    Hey. Sorry to communicate with you via Facebook, but I feel like it will be easier for me to say what I want to say this way so I don't leave anything out or say anything I'll regret.

    I feel like we aren't on the same page about some things, and I'm sure you can agree seeing as you seem to get angry about things that I wouldn't classify as worth it. It would be awesome if you could explain to me what I do that makes you so angry so that I can be aware of it and not do it as often. Or if it is a matter of you not wanting me to talk/be around you, that would be valuable information, too.

    I feel upset when I hear you talk to me the way you do sometimes, and I want to take steps to insure it doesn't happen again. It doesn't make me feel good, and I bet it doesn't make you feel all that great when you act that way too, because we both know that isn't who you are.

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    "my and my ex have been having sex"

    Uh, then how is he your ex? Ex as in not any more?

    "you don't talk to anyone else the way you talk to me

    in fact the only you're ever really nice to me is when you want someone to have sex with because you have no ******* respect for me"

    Assuming that this is true (and I have no reason to think it isn't), why would you even give this guy the time of day? Re-read your post about 25 times and ask yourself what you would advise somebody else who was being treated this way.

    The only thing you should be texting to this person is "Goodbye."

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    Honestly, if this guy is treating you like this, I would just not say anything. I know you have feelings for him, but if you ignore him for a while, maybe he will realize that he has those feelings for you too. If not, you dont want to be with him anyway! Good luck;)

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    yea thats good but be more stern and add more power to that messagee so he knows ur not weak or anything like that, and hes a jerk y are u with him when u can do so much better?

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