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i need help with statistics..it is like a few simple question but i am new at this?

identify each number as continuous or discrete.

a statistics student obtains sample data and finds that the mean weight of cars in the sample is 3128 lb....(i put continuous because there are more than one car..and each car will weigh differently..so the numbers can be continuous..even though the average is 3128)

When 20, 152 computers were tested, 732 were defective...( i put discrete because there is no more than one countable number)

am i correct or do u see a mistake...

also..i need help with these 4..i tried to do them but im confused..i have to match each one with a name. ordinal, ratio, nominal, interval.

a) california driver license numbers

b) weights of men basketball players in the NBA

c) ratings of candy being good, better, or best

d) temperatures of the ocean at various depths.

i think C is a nominal...but i dont know about the rest...

any help?

thanks in advance. :))))

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    1) Continuous (as the mean weight can be any real number)

    2) discrete (as only an integer number of computers can be defective)


    a) nominal

    b) ratio

    c) ordinal

    d) If you measure in degrees kelvin then it can be considered as ratio but if you measure in degrees centigrade of fahrenheit then it can be considered as interval

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    Temperatures of the ocean at various depths.

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