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What name should i call my boyfriend?

I know it sounds lame but he always has sweet names for me and i really cant think of any to call him.

For example he always calls me :princess,darling,sweetie,beautiful,quee… and alot of other things.

Can I please have some examples I would appreciate any answer!!


and please don't be rude!

oh and his names Eric by the way.

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    just call him hun. I think anything cute and sweet would make him feel embarassed

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  • Anonymous
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    Shmoopie!!! haha

  • britts
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    lol i call my husband mister baby

    or babe _(insert last name)__

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  • 1 decade ago

    Cookie Lipz...=]

    Boo Boo?

    Eirkey Pops..<---lolz

    Snuggle Muffin

    lolz.... idk...=]

    ♥ M.J.J ♥ AlWaYz & FoReVeR ♥

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