can someone interpret this poem for me?

Thoughts of Hanoi


Nguyen Thi Vinh

The night is deep and chill

as in early autumn. Pitchblack,

it thickens after each lightning flash.

I dream of Hanoi:

Co-ngu Road ten years of separation

the way back sliced by a frontier of hatred

I want to bury the past

to bum the future

to still I yean

still I fear

those endless nights

waiting for dawn.


how is Hang Dao now?

How is Ngoc Son temple?

Do the trains still run

each day from Hanoi

to the neighboring towns?

To Bac-ninh, Cam-giang, Yen-bai,

the small villages, islands

of brown thatch in a lush green sea?

The girls

bright eyes

ruddy cheeks

four-piece dresses

raven-bill scarves'

sowing harvesting

spinning weaving

all year round,

the boys



in the fields

in their shops

running across

the meadow at evening

to fly kites

and sing alternating songs.'

Stainless blue sky,

jubilant voices of children

stumbling through the alphabet,

village graybeards strolling to the temple,

grandmothers basking in twilight sun,

chewing betel leaves'

while the children run-


how is all that now?

Or is it obsolete?

Are you like me,

reliving the past,

imagining the future?

Do you count me as a friend

or am I the enemy in your eyes?

Brother, I am afraid

that one day I'll be with the March-North Army'

meeting you on your way to the South.

I might be the one to shoot you then

or you me

but please

not with hatred.

For don't you remember how it was,

you and I in school together,

plotting our lives together?

Those roots go deep!

Brother, we are men,

conscious of more

than material needs.

How can this happen to us

my friend

my foe?

im so confused with this poem. whats the underlying message of this poem? the tone and the attitude of the speaker?

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    This is about a man thinking about the situation of the world he lives in today. His attitude is full of anxiety and confusion. His world is being torn in half by some type of turmoil (war most likely). The "ten year of separation" have divided the country, it would appear, into north and south. The brother he is referring to could be literally his brother, but is most likely a metaphor his fellow people. He is confused how this country of people can separate and feud (as the US in the Civil War divided and fought). He observes daily life and he describes the chores of men and women. He does this to show how both the north and south are so similar and yet they are fighting.

    Hope i helped.

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    Full of emotions




    Jam-packed of sentiments




    Words are less 2 correspond the passion exposed in this poem.

    I beyond doubt appreciate this poem by heart!!!!

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    Thoughts Of Hanoi

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    The poem denotes the memories of an ex american soldier who stayed in hanoi for 10 yeason acount of veitnam war. He is recalling the boys ,girls, weather and sea he witnessed in tat days and remorse that he will never be there again as such these things are lost for good.

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