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my tooth broke in half the one in the back.?

i dont have much money do you know how much it would be to get it removed? it broke last night when i was brushing my teeth


i dont have much money do you know how much it would be to get it removed? it broke last night when i was brushing my teeth i dont have insurance

Update 2:

ok it is a permanent tooth it doesnt hurt i live in texas idk what the roots look like

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    Is it a baby tooth or a permanent tooth? What do the roots look like? Will you have a local or general anesthetic? Will a general dentist or a specialist remove the tooth? Where do you live? Unless the answer to those questions are known it is impossible to tell you how much it will cost to have it extracted.

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    It may depend on how complicated it is if the roots are linked together or not. Front teeth have less root than back ones.

    I don't know the cost of getting the one pulled out.

    It must hurt. Sorry to hear about it. Hope it feels okay.

    Good luck to you. You may be able to call a dentist and ask what it would cost to remove a tooth and that it is -- in front of or in back of another tooth and where the tooth is. Let him/her know you don't hve much money.

    Does your family have insurance that might help?

    Good luck to you.

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    Omg...Well it really depends on your doctor...if you are uninsured they usually try to work with you. However with yours being broken im not sure if it still qualifies as a simple extraction. Best thing to do is to call around...get some answers and let your fingers do the research for you then you can better get an idea of what you are about to pay. Be sure to be very specific so that the receptionist or dental assistant can give you an accurate price. Gud luck hunn!

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    Do you have insurance? I have had several teeth extracted because it was cheaper than implants or a root canal. My insurance covered it 100% and the cost was 100 dollars, this is in NYC. It sounds like the tooth had a cavity and it had cracked.

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    what kind of tool do you use for brushing your teeth?!!!

    that cost a lot, be careful, you should see a dentist and ask him

    whatever it costs do it, it really worth it

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    ...The hell were you brushing your teeth with?

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