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Which Taker's WM match was more overrated, against Sid at WM 13, Flair at WM 18 or Orton at WM 21? Why?

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    Great question here. In my opinion, against Sid at WM 13 is the most overrated. Thw whole match was way average, the only good thing from the match is The Undertaker wins WWF Title for the first time since 1991. So, that's the real highlight of the match. But the great highlight doesn't mean that the match's also good, so I think this match is overrated at all. While vs Flair and Orton, I think both are pretty good matches and not overrated, even underrated in my humble opinion.

  • Sid at WM13. The only good part of the match was when Undertaker won the world title, but for the rest it was blah. Bret Hart wouldn't stop interfering, which made the match worse. The booking was terrible.

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    vs. Randy Orton at Wrestlemania 21. That match is talked about a lot more than the other 2 you put on there. It wasn't as good as their Summerslam match would be.

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    They were all great matches ***-clown of crime. Why are you so obsessed with bringing down the Undertaker, get a life boy or just Rest in Peace

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    Batista had to be the most overrated,

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