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Very very faint line on test?

I have done a hpt and it has the faintest line ever, I can only see it when I hold it up to the light. It showed up with in the time limit. Does a very faint line still mean I'm pregnant??

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    When I took my test. I thought I seen a line. Then it would disappear. Then I could see it but it looked like there was no color. Then I could see some pink.

    You aren't going to feel better until you see "PREGNANT" on a digital test, or, when a Dr. tells you.

    The same day i took the test I took a digital and it said YES. Then the Dr said yes. And now I'm 15 weeks.

    A line is a line IF it comes up with in the time limit read on the instructions.

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    go to planneD parenthood/ womans clinic or your doctors office and ask for a quantitative preg blood test. This test checks for any pregnancy hormone in your body and also gives you the percentage, which tells you how far off pregnant u are(if u are preg). Results take about 3-5 days cause blood work is sent to a lab.This is the only 100% acurate and guarantee way of finding out if you are pregnant.

    You could also take a qualitative preg blood test. This checks for the preg hormone and just gives a yes or no answer and u get the result in 5 min

    You could also get an ultrasound done...even if its to early to see or hear the fetus, the doc will be able to spot a gestational sac.

    I hope u know that not all women have enough HCG in their urine for a urine preg test to work...So it might come out negative, when in fact you really are pregnant.

    Instead of wasting a whole bunch of money on urine tests...just get a quantitative or ultrasound done...about 50 bucks....but its 100% guaranteed and accurate :)

    Good luck!

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    like everyone else has said a faint line is a positive. Unless you let it set to long then it could be an evaporation line.

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    read the directions, yes even a faint line means you are pregnant

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    Yep! Even if it's the slightest, lightest line... You're pregnant! Congratulations!

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    If theres a line there at all it means yep you are pregnant

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    congrats! your pregnant!

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