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Can certain piercings close?

You know how if you don't wear earrings, the hole will eventually close? Or if you gauge your ears, you can go back to the previous size if you don't wait too long?

Well what about tongue, cheek, and lip piercings? (I won't even ask about others ha ha)

Will they stay there until you're old and wrinkled or will they close up? And if they close, will they leave a visible scar?

Just wondering... a completely out of the blue thought.

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    most do show a mark atleast but it's most likely tiny. I know this girl that had her monroe done and now she just has a tiny hole there, i'm not sure when she took it out though. I have 3 scars from piercings, My nape rejected and scarred and my bellybutton got infected and scarred and my eyebrow piercing rejected and scarred.

    Source(s): I have my nose, eyebrow, monroe and lip pierced
  • ALL piercings eventually close if you keep the jewelry out of them. and the scar depends on the piercing really. with a tongue piercing if it closes you can't even tell you had it done. and with a lip piercing when it closes the scar is SO tiny! I don't know about cheek piercings, though. I know about tongue piercings and lip piercings because i have both of them

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    I know from experience that eyebrow piercings and nose piercings will close... I've had it happen, and I don't have any visible scaring.

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