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Freshman pics tomorrow.. I need help..?

Alright I am a guy.. So all you other immature guys that like making fun of people go ahead and do it.. I really don't care what you think.. I don't feel like looking retarded in my high school pictures.. Now, on to the question..

Well, I hate my fake smile.. I am missing a tooth because I had to get it removed so the other tooth could come down. Any tips to improve my smile.. I got the right clothes, right hairstyle in mind.. Just need to improve my smile :) Thanks

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    Ok just practice (I know this might sound gay lol) your smile closing your mouth....look up on google some guys with closed mouth smiles and practice :D and depending on where your missing tooth is then part your mouth just a little and smile small but if it shows then just go for the closed mouth smile!

    And just soemthing for your hair....this is really hot....if you have short hair then spike it up in the front with gel :)

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    Maybe try to smile with ur mouth closed. Do examples in the mirror and pick the one u like the best. Also try smieing with ur eyes to it will work.

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    You can get your picture retouched, which will add a tooth.

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    you could always do the sexy smoldering thing and smile with your eyes and not your mouth. or at least not your teeth.

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    Ask the photographer when you get there.

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