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Should i like this guy? 10 points if u think about it!?

i mean, ppl keep saying tht i look SOOOOOO cute with him. i ask other ppl bcause i think there crazy, but wen they answer, they say "AWWW! u guys r so CUTE together!" 1 of my friends even said tht she can c us kissing. she said tht she could even c us holding hands. should i like him? i hav a relationship with another guy rite now, but hes cheating on me... so..

so, ppl say tht we look SOOOO cute 2gether, so should i break up with MY dude and get 2gether with THIS dude?


well, i USED 2 hav a crush on the new guy. now.. im not sure.

but the guy im with is just so fun! i mite deserve better but...

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    Okay- break up with the cheater. He is gonna get you no where.

    Now it sounds like ppl are just judging you two on how you would look together. Do you have feelings for this boy? If you don't, I woukdn't date him. You might just end up looking sorta rude if you decide to break up with this new guy cuz your not "feeling it".

    If you like this new guy, then you should take a chance on him. Don't date someone just because you wouls look good with him.

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    Never ever judge a relationship based on the fact friends say you look cute together.

    You need actual chemistry.

    Get to know the guy first before you do anything.

    As for the guy who is cheating on you dump him IMMEDIATELY.

    You deserve better.

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    You sound very young lol... If you don't like him don't force yourself. I feel like giving you advice would be pointless though because you're still very young and haven't found out what you want (which is clear due to your indesiciveness with guys around you) Simply because you came on here and asked if you should like someone, the answer is no... If you don't already like him then leave him alone.. Plus, he may not even like you anyway lol

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    well, i can say for certain that you should break up with your current boyfriend no matter what. Once you break up with him decide if you want to go out with the other guy or not. Either way you will most likely be a lot happier. and good luck!

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