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do you think i'm crazy to do this,pls read below?

i want to take a trip and visit my online boyfriend,and probably going to have sex the first time(for me); the problem i can't tell my parents about this trip(several states away) is that he is 59 years old. i'm 19. but i really trust him and love him. he loves me too. he wants to marry me. he is a very good man. does love have to be limited by age(a number)? pls give me your advice. thanks.

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    The age of consent laws are in place to keep people who aren't mature enough to weigh all the aspects of a sexual and be able consent to having sex. You are 19. Following the legal guidelines, you are mature enough to make such a decision.

    Do you think you lack the maturity to consider all the ramifications of having sex with a 59 year old? Is he putting any kind of undue pressure on you to have sex with him? If you can honestly answer no to both of these questions, then there shouldn't be any problems with you having sex with him.

    My advice (take it for what it's worth) is that you not go there with the intention of having sex with him. When you first meet someone you've known online, you should be more concerned with verifying that he is who he has been claiming to be. And I don't mean just stuff like his name and address, but things like what kind of a person he is. It's easy to pretend to be someone else when you're online.

    Online he might say he loves animals, but when you meet him you may find that he kicks his dog just because it got in the way. There are lots of things about people you just cant tell from only knowing them online. You need to meet his friends. See what his neighbors are like.

    If you go there with a preconceived notion of having sex with him, then that's likely going to cloud your judgment.

    Also, you should probably ask yourself why is he attracted to you. What is it that a 59 year old sees in you that makes him want to marry you. Societal cliche would say it would just be for the sex. If that's what it is, and you're okay with that, then more power to you. But if that's what it really is and you think it might be something different, then this relationship could end up hurting you a lot.

    Just something to ponder on before you start your journey.

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    Well the average man dies at 72, so then in 13 years you would be alone at that rate even if it did work out. And if you are widowed with kids still at home [under 13] you are 32 and there aren't as many single guys at that point. You would be better off to wait and find someone closer to your age.

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    age is just a number but it's quite a relevant number in life. be careful and don't have sex right off the bat.

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