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Arkansas car inpection,registration and licence plate please?

My permanent address is in Texas and I just bought a car from an individual in Arkansas but I go to a college in Arkansas .I want to register my car in Arkansas ,does it matter that I am a resident of Texas but I am registering my car in Arkansas ? After registration,would I be given a paper licence until I get my original licence plate arrives ? How about inspection,what should I do ? Do I have to inspect it before driving it ? Please help .

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    I dont know if you can register it in Arkansas but i can tell you Arkansas does not have inspections and you have 30 days before you need tags on it you dont need a temp plate just the bill of sale>

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    If I see the front i think of that's somebody from right here (Michigan) with a California plate in front for adornment (extremely ordinary for some reason) provided that we don't have front plates. whether that's a official California vehicle i think of wow what a protracted force

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