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Can an Rn please answer my interview questions? PLZ help?

I havn't had a chance to go to the hospital and actually interview an actual nurse.. my assignment is due tomorrow.. plz help


1. What are several of your normal job duties?

2. What values are importand for this career?

3. Do you work mostly with data, people, or things?

4. Do you usually work at a desk, standing, or on the move?

5. How much noise in the work area?

6. What are your normal working hours?

7. How often do you work overtime?

8. Do you ever work nights or weekends?

9. What aptitudes and abilities are needed for your career?

10. What are the education and training requirements to enter and advance in your career area?

11. What is the average beginning salary for someone in your career area?

12. How much does the average person earn after five years?

13. How much do the most successful people earn after ten years?

14. What types of benefits do workers in your career usually recieve?

15. How many workers are needed in your career area at the present time? Locally? Statewide? Nationwide?

16. Do you think the demand for workers like you will increase or decrease in the next five years?

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    I am going to answer in three ways A) ICU nurse; B) Dialysis nurse; C) Utilization review nurse

    1. A Provide primary care to critically ill patients

    B Dialyze chronic dialysis patients; teach patients and families about renal failure, the dialysis experience, and managing the disease

    C Review medical records to determine the medical necessity for hospitalizations, diagnostic testing, and ancillary services such as home health care

    2. A Knowledge, compassion, empathy and flexibility

    B Knowledge, compassion, empathy, and "thinking outside of the box". Acceptance of others' right to make choices than the ones I would make also important

    C Knowledge, empathy

    3. A People and data

    B People and data

    C Data and people

    4. A On the move

    B Standing

    C at a desk

    5. A A lot

    B slightly higher than average to quiet

    C Quiet

    6. A 7 PM-7 AM

    B 5 AM - 3 PM

    C 8 Am -430 PM

    7. A Often - daily

    B Frequently - a couple times a week

    C Frequently - couple of times a week

    8. A Constantly

    B Frequent weekends, nights until 10 PM

    C NO

    9. All nursing requires, minimally, a degree from a nursing program. Here's the extras

    A Ability to work in a high pressure setting, establish a course of action amoung competing priorities, not personalize pt/family reactions to difficult circumstances, learn new techniques and technology, constantly and immediately adjust interventions based on patient's response, maintain competence in wide areas of nursing, from peds to geriatrics, managing complex medical surgical problems, excellent documentation skills, maintain competence in analyzing various biotechnical data

    B Ability to reassure frightened patients, gain confidence and trust, manage technicians, educate techs, patients and families, analyze patient;s clinical presentation to recommend interventions, excellent documentation skills

    C Communicate efficiently, direct wandering clinicians to provide a succinct and relevant summary, time managment, education for clinicians so they know what info I need, ability to synthesize reams of data into a concise relevant summary, excellent computer skills, ability to apply guidelines

    10. In addition to basic nursing education

    To enter/advance

    all areas ASN/completion of relevant educational offerings, BSN, MSN, certification

    11. A 60K

    B 50 K

    C 50 K

    12 A 80K

    B 60 K

    C 70 K

    13. A 110K+

    B 75K

    C 80K

    14. All areas

    Medical, dentasl and vision insurance, educational reimbursement, sick and vacation days

    15. Not sure I want to do that much research!

    Here is a site that discusses ntusing shortage and demand:

    16. All areas except C -


    C - depends on ther future of private insurance companies

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