What are the laws regarding seat belts for back seat passengers in Indiana?

A few people I know were badly hurt in a car accident recently (one dead, the other permanent brain damage), and one of my friends said it is not illegal to be in the backseat and not wearing a seat belt. Is this true?

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    http://www.ghsa.org/html/stateinfo/bystate/in.html Please use this link for the seat belt laws in indiana.Best of luck.

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    Lol, if there are 7 seats and seven seat belts, 8 human beings is illegitimate. If the 8th is an grownup, he/she gets a cost ticket. If the 8th is a minor, the driving force gets a cost ticket. Indiana has a well-known seat belt regulation. this suggests you would be stopped for the seat belt infraction on that's very own reward, you do not ought to have committed yet another offence. IC 9-19-10-2 Use of protection belt by using motorcar occupants; protection belt standards Sec. 2. each and every occupant of a motorcar geared up with a protection belt that: (a million) meets the factors reported interior the Federal motorcar protection customary selection 208 (40 9 CFR 571.208); and (2) is customary kit put in by using the producer; shall have a protection belt genuine fixed with reference to the occupant's physique in any respect circumstances whilst the motor vehicle is in forward action. As extra by using P.L.2-1991, SEC.7. Amended by using P.L.214-2007, SEC.7.

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    I believe that's correct for adults only. My philosophy is, "If ya got 'em, wear 'em,"

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