what are jobs that give preference to former military members?

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    Law Enforcement, Security, Defense Plants, Air Lines, Trucking

    My father pioneered radar guidance systems and instrument landing in the Pacificc in WWII.

    He held a security clearence until 1953.

    My father and his brother designed and built the gages used to measure the affects of 18 atomic bomb tests in th Pacific in th 1950's.

    Him and his brother also designed and built test chambers for jet pilots and astranauts.

    A cousin learned to be a dental technitian in the Navy and owns his own lab and is a millionaire today.

    Many skills learned in the armed forces can be rolled over into civilian life.

    Semper Fi

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    All federal, state and local government jobs have preferences for military members. All time served is creditable towards retirement in civilian government jobs and seniority placements. Along with those jobs the military industrial complex favors those that served because many training programs are convertible to civilian positions. It is part of today's society.

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    I think what you mean to ask is which companies give preferences to hire former military members.

    Check this website. They have a large list

    Source(s): www.hiremilitary.com
  • Hayley
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    Any federal job.

    Go to http://career.usajobs.gov/

    Source(s): AF & Army vet
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