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Anonymous asked in SportsWrestling · 1 decade ago

Are people underrating CM Punk against Undertaker?

I wanna remind people that CM Punk is a very talented wrestler and is capable of beating Taker, IMO and I'm a Taker fan, I mean, you're not given the RoH Tag Team and World Titles on merit, he's earned his way to face Taker and people have been saying that 'Oh, this is easy for Taker!', how can it be? Punk is gonna have Taker hell in wrestling terms

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    CM Punk can undoubtedly put on an amazing match with The Undertaker. CM Punk's wrestling abilities are quite underestimated, but the man is a former ROH world champion. There are only 11 ROH world champions in the world with Austin Aries being the only 2 time ROH world champion. CM Punk has wrestled around the world in places like the indies and Japan. CM Punk has proven to be a great competitor in any wrestling promotion. CM Punk has worked hard to get where he is today in WWE and he has paid his dues. CM Punk has a great style because he is a versatile wrestler. He can mat wrestle, brawl with his muay thai background, and use high flying maneuvers. He is a perfect match for The Undertaker and size doesn't matter because Shawn Michaels put on a phenomenal performance with The Undertaker.

    However, this is WWE and WWE has slightly different priorities. WWE has never focused on the wrestling and that's why CM Punk can't match with The Undertaker. The Undertaker is enormously popular while CM Punk is still new as a main eventer. WWE books The Undertaker as a dominant force and one of the most vicious superstars in WWE history. CM Punk is still gaining fans and slowly making fans believe that he's a main eventer. Wrestling wise CM Punk can match with The Undertaker, but The Undertaker is booked in a level higher then Punk with more experience. CM Punk has just recently turned into a main eventer because he's only had one major feud in the WWE so far against Jeff Hardy. The Undertaker has been in the WWE for over 2 decades and has solidified his status in the WWE. That's why I can see why people are saying that CM Punk is no match to The Undertaker.

    CM Punk has recently turned into a major heel in the WWE and although he has been booked great so far, but he looked so low compared to The Undertaker. The Undertaker was towering over him and CM Punk just looked frail compared to Taker. CM Punk isn't over with the fans yet and defeating The Undertaker would gain him huge credibility. CM Punk is still trying to draw fans and connect more with his heel character. CM Punk has been a fantastic heel and defeating The Undertaker would only make Punk look more venomous and dangerous as a superstar. It's never about wrestling ability in the WWE because its based on how WWE books the superstar. In WWE terms, CM Punk isn't quite at Undertaker's level yet. We can't compare their status as main eventers yet, but I can guarantee you that CM Punk will gain more confidence from fans after his feud with Taker.

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    I think people are underrating Punk because he is barely entering the main event scene. Before Punk's feud with Hardy, he was feuding with Umaga and was nowhere near being a main eventer. Punk needs to gain a bit more heat and then people will take him seriously against Undertaker. Alot of people dont' atke Punk seriously in this feud right now, but after time he'l adjust more to the main event and people will start atking him seriously. I agree that Punk does not lack the wrestling ability to beat Taker, he just currently lacks popularity. Undertaker is VERY popular in WWE so everyone is in Undertaker's side. Undertaker is no doubt about it the fan favorite in this feud, while this is barely Punk's second major feud in WWE, after his feud with Jeff.

    If CM Punk wins at Breaking Point, it will give him LOTS of momentum and then people will take him seriously, and if he loses then at least he would've had a match with Undertaker which will also agin him momentum.

    It is normal for people to thnk Undertaker will win easily right now, like I said this is Punk's second major feud in WWE, after this feud I'm sure all of the underrating against Punk will end.

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    5 years ago

    Dave Meltzer gives out 5 star matches only to the best of the best, its not about promotions or anything else just the match. He's independent and judges on everything surrounding the match as well as the match itself, to get a 5 star match from Meltzer is as good as it gets. No one that has got one is a bad wrestler it's that simple. The problem with the whole thing is entertainment, these people don't find Joe and Punk entertaining and therefore they are bad wrestlers. They are the same people that think The Rock is a great wrestler, he wasn't even close to great as a wrestler but he was a damn good entertainer. Overrated is the most overused word in the wrestling word, its used for everything people don't like! CM Punk is rated as one of the best wrestlers around because he is! Samoa Joe is rated as one of the best 250+lbs because he does things a man half his size wishes he can do! Both are two of the best talents of the 21st Century! You don't have to like them but you can't say they are overrated and can't wrestle because of it! ARGH!!! annoys the crap out of me, can you tell? Entertainment and wrestling skills are different! BQ: Two months? Damn your already more well known and liked then me... lol your a good user, what more you want? I'm not joining the Matt Swagger kiss my *** club!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Come on its just blind fanboyism....CM Punk vs Undertaker will be the next MATCH OF THE YEAR candidate. Win or lose it does not matter the match will be entertaining. This just goes to show that Undertaker wants to make his legacy look legit. He could of came back from his holiday and feuded with a few jabronies like Kozlov or Jackson or Khali or Knox again but no he wants to look good in that very ring.

  • I'm expecting Taker to go over, or Wwe having a Dq in the submission match which will make them look dumber.

    We don't know who's going to win and lose. So will have to wait and see in 2 weeks. Should be a good match though.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    true but taker and punk have not gone 1 on 1 befor

    i am hoping for a good match

  • 1 decade ago

    All I gotta say is Taker is DEFINITELY not beating Punk at Breaking Point for the Title, it's so obvious the next PPV is HELL IN A CELL you actually think there not gonna let him win it there, c'mon.

    Source(s): Common sense.
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Taker is getting old he wont be able to keep up with CM(Championship Material) Punk

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    you're comparing cm punk to a guy who has nearly 20 years in the business, let me remind you that undertaker has been and beaten the biggest stars, remember giant gonzalez? that guy was like 8 feet tall, he beat him, cm punk will be a breeze for him.

  • 1 decade ago

    yes but if punk wins it will be the first time 'taker ever tapped

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