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Recommend good MAINLAND chinese or korean dramas?

Can you recommend any good mainland chinese dramas, or a sad or comedy korean drama.


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    ★★★★★★Latest Recommended Dramas:★★★★★★

    -Swallow the Sun ( A Truly sad drama; the first episode may look like a Period Drama but it's just showing the past )

    -Take Care of the Young Lady ( Features, Yoon Eun Hae from Coffee Prince; Funny Drama )

    - Queen Seon Duk ( A period drama with an amazing plot and sometimes with humor )

    - Dream ( Features, Singer, Son Dam Bi, and Actor, Kim Bum from Boys Before Flower Korean version. )

    - Soul/Hon ( EXTREMELY RECOMMENDED; This is a horror drama up to 10 episodes. I personally am very scared of ghosts, but this story makes everything more understandably more less scary towards me. )

    ★★★★★★Not Latest but Recommended:★★★★★★

    -Boys Before Flower ( Korean version of Hana Yori Dango, and F4 )

    - Shining Inheritance ( Features Actor, Lee Seung Gi, who's also on the reality show, 1 Night 2 Days )

    - Beethoven Virus ( Classical Music, Love Triangles, etc )

    - East of Eden ( This drama isn't overly dramatic, not only but has lots of action included! )

    - The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince ( RECOMMENDED This drama is very unusual... But, unusual is good in a drama. ^^ )

    -Soulmate ( A cute with lots of people included in a love... circle ~~ )

    ★★★★★★LINKS★★★★★★ ( in the search bar, type your drama title and find it ^__^ viikii has subtitles too~ ) ( obviously you should know this website, all you have to do is type your ( --> title, ep _ , sub ) in the search bar, ( RECOMMENDED SITE TO VISIT everything is free, and no registration is required ^__^) ( also has anime, and etc etc ^__^ )

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    Mainland Drama

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    Korean drama- Boys earlier flora- the mum of the perfect guy is excellent wealthy and he or she does each thing that she would be able to to dodge her son from being inclusive of the female lead because of the fact she would not think of she's sturdy sufficient. Taiwanese- Why Why Love, devil Beside You, and candy relationship

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    -He was cool [modern mainland drama]

    -Lets watch the meteor shower [modern mainland drama. another version of HYD/BBF]

    -The World's Finest [wuxia]

    -The Proud Twins [wuxia]

    -Fairy from Wonderland [ancient w/ fantasy]

    -A Chinese Ghost Story [ancient w/ fantasy]


    -Take care of the young lady [romantic comedy]

    -Tempted Again [romantic comedy focus more on comedy]

    -Stairway to heaven [sad]

    -Sad Love Song [sad]

    -Tree of Heaven [sad]

    -Shining Inheritance [kind of sad]

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    "Devil Beside You"... Here's the link to the first part of the first episode:

    Youtube thumbnail

    It gets better after the cheesy beginning.

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